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"My son has never been so happy at camp. In the past, I would have to force him to attend camp. Since he has been attending Pitch by Pitch, he is excited to go each morning and has so much to share when I pick him up. Thank you for an incredible experience!"

   "I just wanted to take a second to let you know how Pitch by Pitch has affected my family. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I've actually been watching your camp for a few years now. When my kids were little, we would go to Congers Pool quite often. I would see signs for Pitch by Pitch and although I knew my son would love to go to a baseball camp, I was never too keen on sending them to a camp where they went swimming. I mean, who would watch my kids better than I would, right? Lol, I know, another crazy mother. But after watching how you guys were with the boys in the pool and hearing such great reviews on your camp, I decided to sign him up last year. He absolutely loved it! And although he loves the baseball aspect of it, I think he likes the interaction with the counselors even more. He actually quoted some of the silly things that you guys said to him……..ALL YEAR LONG. He has gone to a variety of camps through the years, but he never responded to any of them, like he did to Pitch by Pitch……..Fast forward a year and he of course wants to go again. Even my daughter and her friend decided to go. Can I tell you that night after night, I would be sitting at dinner with them and I couldn't get a word in because the two of them would be going back and forth for the entire meal talking about camp and what this counselor said or did. They did not stop talking about it for the 2 weeks that they were there. And many of my son's friends attended too and their moms said the same thing. One of the moms said that she caught her son sitting at the table having a snack, debating with himself over which counselor was funnier."

   "I am thrilled that my daughter and her friend loved the All-Sports camp so much. They both said that they're definitely doing it again next year. But I have to be honest with you, the relationship that you guys have with these boys is what I find to be most special. Most teachers are female and as a female myself, sometimes we just don't get you boys, lol. But for he and his friends to be SO HAPPY to be there and to look up to you the way they do, it's like they're hanging out with "big brothers." Thank you for that and thank you for having such incredible counselors. "

'Well once again, another PBP season has come and gone! I cannot believe how fast it went! I just wanted to thank you, John, Brandon, and all the guys for an absolutely incredible 2 weeks. My son really enjoys your camp, he really truly loves it! He looks forward to going, gets himself up and ready for the daily activities and then talks about it all night long!

I am just so appreciative to you guys, you really do such an outstanding job with the kids! Your camp is the best one going!! I really mean that, I hope it continues every summer, until my son is old enough to get a job!"


"My son always has a great time! He looks forward to going every day and always talks about the previous days' events with excitement. Thank you for making his summer enjoyable!"

"As a parent we must tell you that each one of you are extremely exceptional role models and if our sons did not learn a thing all summer long we would pay for the experience of having you guys with them. I hope our sons one day will be able to touch the lives of other children like you have done for our sons. Again, thank you all for being who you are!"

"I think that the program you guys put together was instructional, motivating and mostly FUN for the kids. Our son had a terrific time during his week even with the bad weather. He looks forward to joining you again next year and has already asked to do more than a week. Have a great year and we'll see you in the summer!"

"My son had a really good time at camp. He attended a few this summer and told me he liked this one the best. Thanks and we look forward to next year!"

Once again great job by all .. our children had a great time at camp.  Knowing my kids are safe and having a great time at camp is awesome .  We owe that to all the folks at PBP.

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